Monday, November 1, 2010

SONY Pixelmaid

Second life is a low polygon world marked between notions of reality and the possibility of anything. My goal and final project for this class is to ultimately break the barrier from the virtual to the “real world.” My main focus would be the interaction and the extraction of objects.

First I would like to import meshes into the software through 3d scanning the live object and then applying scripts and particles to those objects. The “actual” object in a way becomes more real in this virtual world, because it can automatically move, change colors or even blow up in flames. Documentation is key on seeing these functions. Using machinma and realistic camera angles to record the virtual flow and function of these objects. I’d also like wear these objects and teleport to different locations and record the conjunction between the other settings, and avatars reaction to them.
For the next half of the project I want to the low polygon shape forms and extract design to make hand created sculptures. Reflecting the geometry of the screen and continuing the image or shape in an installation. I’m also interested in the way landscaped objects are mapped out, a multiplication of 2d that are geometrically placed beside one another, in order to look 3d. This will be executed through using the laser cutter to create an outline in the acrylic and then printing the image onto a sticky piece of transparent paper and applying it to the acryclic surface.

SONY Pixelmaid

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