Sunday, November 21, 2010

late post update with video

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So far my trip through second life has allowed me to make a more personal connection to my art practice through my habit of drawing animals and incorporating that into the second life realm. I have begun this practice at first by creating prim interpretations of my animals in new, freeform ways in order to give myself a better understanding of the prim controls and camera movements to better control what it is that I’m attempting to visualize for myself.

At first, I created a few animal masks with basic prim shapes in order to familiarize myself with the process of being able to attach a shape to my character in what ever form and reach and after that, proceeded to create larger forms in order to feel out the prim controls of Second Life as well as the precision of its manipulation in accordance to the size. My goal with these short processes was to create a miniature monument to my practice in the involvement of warped and oddly shaped animals as well as to create what might be something of a ‘mythology’ within Second Life as I had previously attempted to envision what might not be capable in ‘real life’ and to capture that in Second Life. My hope was to begin a ‘morphing’ from one animal to another to attempt the ‘mythological process’ that predated our current generation of animals as well as create a visual demonstration of the ‘mythological process’.

Upon this study for myself, I finally came to the idea for my final project to create a transformation, a step-by-step process that, rather than a mythological approach, would come across as a more scientific study of the connections and visualizations of one animal and its process in becoming another through the programmability of the movements and shapes of Second Life.

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