Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mayan Magic Mushrooms Tutorial

Mayan Magic Mushroom Tutorial

Open Maya
Create a new scene
select curves tab
select drawing tool
draw the profile of a mushroom
select surfaces tab
select the rotate tool
using the attributes panel, correct (if necessary) the rotating axis
select the rendering tab
select and open (double click) the 3d Paint tool and panel
make sure your model is selected
scroll in the 3d paint panel to assign/edit textures.
click assign/edit textures
in the resulting dialog box, set the texture filetype to JPG (for SL: the resulting export file will be a JPG)
click assign/edit textures in the dialog, closing the daialog
this phantom step (there is no visible change to model) assigns a texture map to the object
choose brush and color, etc, from the 3d paint panel
paint the object/scene
SAVE the scene (this will save the maya scene). Note this is NOT an export step for SL. This Maya file is for archival purposes only

There are two output steps:
1) saving the texture in the 3D panel panel
2) exporting the model correctly as a sculpt for SL

In the 3D paint click on the Save Texture button
The resulting command output saves the texture (takes name of attribute and .JPG selected above.
The texture file is now exported to your maya folder in 3D paint
Click on the Maya to SL script button you have previously imported (should be in one of your tabs)
Output dialog will allow selection of filename and filetype
Resulting ,bmp file will be the sculpt map for SL

Open SL
Click on Inventroy Tab
upload image file for $L10
Choose .jpg texture file from Maya documents
you can preview file so it looks correct before uploading
upload image file again $L10
Choose .BMP sculpte file from Maya docs
you can preview file so it looks correct before uploading

In SL Build a new object (cube) to unite the two files.
Change property of cube to Sculpt type
Object changes to default apple sculptie
Changes panel to show scuplptmap
replace sculptmap (by drag from inventory to panel) with BMP (model file) from maya
object should rez to correct sculpt shape
rotate (if necessary) object to correct rotation
select the object again
click texture tab
replace the texture (wood) with texture from maya JPG (texture file)
adjust texture as necessary
(rotate texture 90)

You are done.

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