Sunday, November 14, 2010

Building continue and Record test

These days I continue building the subway station, and yesterday I met a problem that the objects were full. I couldn't build more objects. Because I use too much objects in details and actually these objects are not important and useful, such as as the floor, I can use textures to simulate the floor instead of the real square of the floor. So later I deleted these objects and re-built the floors using textures. The structure of the first floor and second floor are the space like the picture below. And later I want to put some details in the space such as chairs and ticket machine.

When I try to use script to make the train move, problems come again. Although I found some scripts to make the train move, I cannot control the speed and distance of the train. So I need to find a suitable script to make it. The video is the test of record screen. I try to record the screen smoothly, but it is really hard with mouse.

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