Monday, November 15, 2010


As I begin to use various methods of screen-capturing, such as Camtasia and Snaps Pro, I find that I have more of an interest in using the virtual camera as a way of depicting very specific experiences in Second Life, such as a script that moves my Avatar. I like the fact that I have the capability to disguise the interface of Second Life; I do not want to ignore the fact that this imagery was created in Second Life, but would rather like to hide these menus as a way of extending the captured imagery beyond the virtual world. I think that these videos and still images take on another quality when their origin/history is somewhat vague.

The video I have below is a clip of my avatar floating on water, using a script. I have had this specific image in mind for a while, due to the ambiguity of the action being performed. The female simultaneously appears to be floating and drowning, alive and dead. I am interested in water's dual capacity to act as a form of recreation and detriment. While this action being performed by my avatar, Nike Graycloud, is very minimal, I think it embodies the various ideas I have been working with. I want to continue with similar imagery, and figure out how I might be able to combine such scripted actions with objects built by my avatar. Machinima has been helpful in depicting my ideas, and I want to take this project further.

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