Sunday, November 14, 2010

Emancipated Spectator

Last year, one of my professors showed me a brochure of performance in England. The main character was Jude Law who is England actor. One of the most interesting things in the performance was that there was no stage or theater. It held on a open street market. Actors and actresses positioned on decided places and they had some dialogue. There were tiny rules in the performance.
It means that spectators were parts of the performance. Their roles are not only spectator any more. In “postdramatic theatre” (Hans-Thies Lehmann. 2008. POSTDRAMATIC THEATRE. Oxon: Routledge.), spectators were able to participate in a performance. They could hang around in front of actors or actresses and even talk to them. For these reasons, we were not able to distinguish who are actors or actresses and spectators, now. They were creating a performance together.
             For me, it seems like a movie that called “The Truman Show”. Only different thing is a fake. Because, in modern performance doesn’t have fake or we cannot perception what is fake. I think that in Second Life, has same function of modern performance. We don’t know who are performers or who are spectators. All of Avatars just tend to live in their life. Further, we are confused what is real or true in Second Life. Because, Avatars are manipulated by human's intention.
In these reasons, I am trying to change my plan of performance in SL. As I mentioned the last class, I think that if I make some stages or theater, it seems like just copying of real life or showing in different scale. I need different things while I will make performance in SL. I am not yet decided what my final is, but I am keep thinking what is performance in SL.

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