Sunday, November 14, 2010


So far as my avatar, not much has changed. Although I usually like customizing (if possible) and focusing on my avatar when moving through a virtual environment, I am more interested in building an environment in maya and bringing it into Second Life. Though Second Life has many limitations in terms of realtime lighting and amount of prims that can be used, I think it would be interesting to see a light-mapped environment imported into the scene. I am currently working on a model of a house which I will light in maya, bake the lighting, and import into Second Life.

The following are images of a light-map test I made in maya(I was planning on uploading it into Second Life, but my computer broke :/). The model looks the same in realtime as it does in the final render.

I am interested in exploring environments and models that people have built in Second Life so I thought of making one myself.
For the final project I won't be using the model above. However I am planning on building a large model of a house that hopefully will be fun to explore as well as look different from the typical SL sim with mismatched objects and images.
I also want to create the feeling of a hidden narrative that will keep the viewer interested and eager to see more.

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