Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Traveller A Story

For me, the second life becomes a way to achieve another experience of my absence in real life. This is my initial feeling and the story of the avatar in SL will be or must be the story about one dream of my childhood. The SL world is not only a virtual community but a possibility of visual based data world. I can build story in that world with great freedom. In real world, I have no chance to influence the trace which I have passed, although these are the results of my choices. So, for me, the SL is not my second life, it's an extension of my real life.

Recall of my childhood, I imagined that the "I" in adult should be a traveller with camera, one day can explore the whole world and even go into the space by shuttle ship to take pictures. Maybe in the road of growth, the real world influence the choices before and dream became fantasy, but it is still in my memory and when I remember it, it still bring me happiness. So, I think, in SL, I want to go back to my dream, to realize my dream - to be a traveller photographer in SL world.

The Second Life world is different from real world. The fact that the second life is based on the virtual data and interactive world which I can build the things I want. Therefore, ideally, I can build my own basement of photography; I can create my own darkroom, and the science lab about photography. Also, I can design my own cameras and telescope and equipment for travel. That will be totally different from the parts in the real world, such as the ship and travel balloon and even shuttle ship for space.

About my darkroom, it's a common darkroom with equipment for photography. It's the connection between the real world and the SL world.
Finally about my avatar, my avatar is easy, he is an adult man, he is a traveller, maybe he is not me, but a story which I want to read.

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