Sunday, September 26, 2010


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Predominately, I’m approaching Second Life as a means of quickly making 3D models and testing ideas for other works; the ability to interact with and see objects from multiple angles strikes me as very useful. The ability to create environments or utilize the ones already existing to provide space for drawings or illustrations is especially appealing to me, since backgrounds and environments can be hard for me to visualize. Maybe a building approach will help.

I’m not really interested in the social interactions or virtual world versus real world dynamic as it stands; anything created within Second Life will be independent of the real world and vice versa. I don’t intend to exhibit artwork simultaneously in both. I think the reason for this is my intention to take advantage of Second Life as a forum to do the impossible, a place to create things that either practicality or just plain reality won’t allow to be manifest in the physical world. Why would I bother to be constrained by real life limitations on creating things in a virtual reality?

Izzy will be styled in this mode of thinking, striving to make something odd and ridiculous to be carried around in an online pocket. I will probably explore to see what there is to be seen, but any social interactions will be incidental and secondary to finding where the unusual and neat things are hiding out. Izzy’s look is more or less concrete until I decide to change it; any changes will probably be very slow accumulations as I go along and make things. I am a bit interested in making items for avatars (my own and possibly others) but the main focus of this will relate back to the idea of Second Life as a model to be utilized in other media.

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