Monday, September 27, 2010

Nike Greycloud

My creating an Avatar in Second Life stems from my investigation of nonfunctional, contradictory paradise imagery. I am interested in the individual’s search for a utopia, and the failed attempt to exist in such a location. I am interested in the utopic landscapes of Second Life that are reminiscent of computer desktop imagery, vacation and honeymoon ads, postcards, and billboards. I plan on utilizing the landscapes of Second Life to depict apocalyptic, disappointing paradise scenes, such as dried out landscapes, polluted water, etc. I am not particularly interested in the individuality of my Avatar, but rather plan on using my Avatar as a tool in depicting these images, videos, and performances.

I would like to think of my Avatar as a machine, a tool in which I create objects and images in Second Life. That being said, I would also like to create a collaborative Second Life gallery with Lauren Elder, otherwise known as Sony Pixelmaid. Lauren and I are interested in using Second Life to build objects that do not exist physically, but rather exist in Second Life. Our interest in a virtual gallery comes from our previous work with Autodesk Maya. Many of our peers create images and sculptures that can only be viewed on the computer screen; we would like to use this to our advantage, and display the work of artists who’s work is best viewed digitally rather than physically. We are also interested in the attempt to bring these digital objects into the corporeal world, by processes such as rapid prototyping; these objects have the potential to translate into physical objects, but are extensions of the digital objects. In this case, the digital object becomes the original, the physical object being a reproduction of the virtual.

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