Monday, September 27, 2010


Name: SONY PixelMaid
Gallery owner/ Artist in Second Life

My avatar functions as a digital piece of data, a microchip that is motioned, then press go. A remote control, your DSL connections to another world. My avatar is solely the link where I can perform tasks and create forms. The ability to teleport and network in second life is an important key and can be used as an act of research.

The research and responses from other artists are immediate. Eventually, I would like to buy and build my own land and create a digital gallery with the other avatar, Nike Graycloud. Works will be displayed by uploading mesh forms and textures by other artists who mainly make their work in maya. We will also create a call for entry for other artists in second life. Resume and proposal for other spaces they have shown in SL and their role in the SL world. Time will be a huge constraint, for screenings, lectures, and news will be announced. Walks through the gallery and conversations with guests will be recorded and later be posted online.

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