Sunday, September 26, 2010

Till Hollow Feels Second Life

Initially, I am drawn to Second Life's aesthetic difference when placed in the context of other fine art mediums such as painting or photography. Further, in exchanging glances with my avatar I can recognize the experience of the self and the other as described by post-human theorists. These two points interest me most and it is my intention to explore SL while reading texts pertaining to post-humanism, Cyborgs, and how avatars can affect ones experience of pleasure and desire.

I primarily created my avatar intuitively, and I do expect to change the appearance of Till Hollow over time- though I have already found emotional struggle in those decisions. Hollow has intensely glowing hair. I premeditated this feature although I originally envisioned Hollow’s whole body to glow like a phenomenological light. I believe this urge was rooted in an onset interest in experimenting with screen captures and video of the character. I wanted Hollow’s appearance to embody an obstacle for image capture. The variable of light or a simulated glow seemed like a classic property in which complications might arise.

During the initial hair alteration a thin rod object became attached to Hollow’s head and I have yet to decide whether I should remove it. Hollow’s body shape was my attempt at representing an average size. I wanted to choose minimal and ordinary clothing as well as making efforts for Hollow to appear androgynous. As I continued to pare down the default outfit I realized that dressing Hollow solely in a pair of light denim jeans would be ideal.

Till Hollow’s first experience in SL was sitting on a windmill blade. As Hollow rotated on the blade the camera rotated in turn and IRL I began to feel nauseous. Hollow’s hair reacted to the rotations subtly yet the motion expressed some of the physics incorporated in SL’s coding.

I look forward to being able to pose laying down flat on the ground. I hope to use Till Hollow to explore performance theory.

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