Sunday, October 17, 2010

"real" photographer

I continue my avatar to be a photographer. I took a view camera and visited different interesting places. Though the appearance is a photographer, I hope the camera really works. I can take pictures in avatar’s view, not me outside the second life’s world. It seems difficult to get a script to realize it. So I just try to let the avatar be a photographer appearance. I have been in SL world more than one month. Usually I think what is the difference from the SL and facebook? They all build in computer and based on internet, and the facebook is more effective than SL in communication. So what are the differences? The look? The way to control? I have no idea. It seems a complex question for me. I need to think deeply.

Furthermore, I tried to build some models to enrich my inventory. And I found a script for 3DS MAX last week. It is for uploading models from 3DS MAX. I tried several times but it didn’t work. I find that script is a powerful tool to touch the idea. I will continue to further my avatar in the way with more new powerful tools.

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