Sunday, October 17, 2010

No changes thus far regarding my feelings about my avatar as an entity. I’m not sure if it’s an idea that I’d be interested in utilizing, but my broader work occasionally involves creating characters; to exist as personifications of some concept or idea, existing to illustrate them (by reacting to or directly reflecting these thoughts) or as individuals in their own right to exist within a narrative. Depending on the freedom of posing within Second Life and overcoming the limitation of having only one avatar to act as a focal point at a time, I may try creating a tableau directly, as opposed to using elements of Second Life as reference materials for a sketch. (This is neglecting collaborative work, which I prefer to do in order to simplify the working process and allow greater flexibility in deadlines. I prefer any potential hiccups a project may experience to be my sole responsibility.) Another crucial factor in deciding if this is a direction to proceed is also the visual style that comes from Second Life. I have, however, discovered a little more of the building tools available, and I’m more than content with these in themselves. The path cut and hollow options within the build menu have already been useful; more practice with the variety of build tools will hopefully result in an interesting and fun production. Included are snapshots of a hooded cape and armor I've randomly been making; the path cut and hollow tools have helped out immensely, with more work with textures to follow.

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