Sunday, October 17, 2010

Avatar Update

Not much has changed about my avatar. I experimented a bit by making a hat and a scarf (applied as soft body) and adding the objects to my pre-made Snoopy avatar, but no major changes were made to the avatar as a whole.
I'd like to experiment a bit by making my own avatar body in maya as I am interested in the how avatars work as representations of the use. I thought it was kind of funny that when I was wondering around Halloween sims, people would randomly exclaim "Snoopy!" and do a little dance for me.
I like the idea that at any given moment you can change your outfit and appear to be a completely different person (aside from your name staying the same, of course). Other than Snoopy, I use a strange character that looks like a business or fashion-type woman who walks on all fours and has a dinosaur tail. Though this character is simply my attempt at strange humor and does not necessarily represent anything deep about myself, it was interesting to see the results of mixing animal skeletal structures with humanoid bodies.

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