Sunday, December 12, 2010

growth and coding

I'll admit, I'm not a fan of coding. I have trouble with it because it's not plainly laid out for me and when it is, it's difficult for me to determine what's what. For me, it's like having a math test but not knowing any of the equations, just knowing that numbers do something.

I've managed to manipulate a little bit of control from the coding that I've found and modified to fit what I'm trying to explore in this world, this realm of digital formatting recreated by our imaginations. From the exploration of evolution and a transfer from one animal characteristic to another, I have discovered that unraveling the web that is LsL coding is a much more daunting task then I had previously imagined. I had come to the idea that there would be an extensive reference bank where each variable would be explained with a bit more depth, but sadly I did not find the extensiveness I was hoping for. Because of my minor setback through coding, I chose to observe and recreate the main aspect of evolution that I was attempting to envision in Second Life.

The main aspect of evolution is a growth of some kind, whether it be physical, mental, or spiritual, but the choice I had made for my decision to recreate in Second Life. I had gone over the same code multiple times in order to find an easily changed mechanism of some kind that would allow a 'rooted' growth, where a prim would grow from a fixed position but so far, my efforts have proven somewhat fruitless.

The lack of limits in Second Life pushes me to enforce my own rules to 'problem solve', given the wide range of things to discover in this digital world. Because of that, by providing a limit for myself, I allow myself a task to complete while exploring what Second Life has to offer. While I have created 'growable' objects, my main hindrance has constantly been the ability to anchor an object by a specific end in order to give myself some form of logic in terms of growth, my limiting factor.

Despite that, I have been able to visually recreate demonstrations of growth in Second Life without the use of poses or a custom HUD and instead, by using prims all geared to a single trigger. In the video that goes along with this video is a series of clips that shows the progress that I have made in an effort to solve the problem that is anchoring an object.

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