Monday, December 20, 2010

exploring in Second life

Exploring in Second life

Now I keep Exploring in Second life for more than three months. At first, I cannot adapt the way of the exploring in virtual world. After visiting several places, I found people were enjoying their dreams in this world. I wanted to be a photographer in Second life and explore places, create own darkroom and cameras. Later I found that it’s not my avatar did, but I in real world was taking the pictures and building darkroom. The question confusing me is that I am the avatar to take pictures or the avatar itself takes the pictures. I think the limits of the way in virtual world control the communication. Although my avatar is taking camera, pressing the shutter is me in real world, and the picture is from the scene I saw from monitor, not the one from avatar’s view.

After communicating and building in second life, many problems come to me. What’s the different between the things I do in Second life and in the Facebook - like website? What makes people use this kind of visual virtual reality to communicate? The visual effects from monitor bring people what kind of experience? Why people like to use this way that taking much time and complex operation method to communicate? More and more questions are coming. At the same time, my works are also about virtual reality, and using computer graphic to create virtual environment, though different from the second life based on internet. What I want to bring viewers? Facebook - like websites and methods bring us fast and convenient way to communicate and work with high efficiency. In my opinion, the high speed developing of the society let people need this kind of environment to realize the fast information communication. But in complex environment in Second life, the methods of communication are not the main reasons that people enjoy in the virtual world. In the process of communication, the information is vision, their walking and experience are the behaviors from the avatar, the real person doesn’t move. The simulation experience is in place of the real one. This brings strange feeling. After I “walk” in virtual world for hours, and found I never leave my chair, I was afraid of this experience. This experience in virtual world really can instead of the real experience? What is the difference from the real one and the virtual one? And the future virtual experience will be more real? In future working and exploring, all these questions are important for me to think.

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