Sunday, December 19, 2010

DarkCity Soir_Jihoon Yoo

When I am working with technologies, I feel myself getting more obsolete. My works are about my predictions for the future. One day, they will replace me. Nowadays, technologies can replace many parts of my life. For example, jobs can be replaced by machines, sharing time with friends can be replaced by Facebook, and hobbies are relying more on computers. They can even replace parts of a body such as an artificial heart.

When my avatar with its movement interrupts sleeping of 3-D objects, my avatar can be metaphor of nightmare. cyborgs that I made using 3-D software enact aspects of my experience such as insomnia or isolation.

I am interested in how I can present 3-D objects that I see and touch in the real world on a 2-D screen. After I graduated from a sculpture department, I discovered that there are no 2-D objects in the world. To present this thought, I started making layers in a single screen. Each layer depicts a different temporal view of space because space is changed by passing time. As accumulated layers, flat moving images or still images can become 3-D images. Currently, I am focusing more on light and shadow, because they can make 3-D and 2-D images, simultaneously. Through making these works, I can feel and express how my existence is impacted by modern high-tech society.

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